Mighty Long Crawl

by China Clippers

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released January 1, 2002



all rights reserved


China Clippers San Diego, California

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Track Name: Tentacle of Cool
Because your mother said you've always been a star doesn't mean that you should be.
And as for entertainment in these troubled times,
Legit is no democracy.

Kiss goodbye all the things that you thought were hip because now I'm going to tell you
it's not enough just to be a Superstar
and have the empty TV sell you.

This tentacle of cool replete with suckers to stuff the beak that feeds the head.
Slack living, not a bone of contention
like any other invertebrate.

How poor are you?

The shite heard 'round the world.
Track Name: Alone In This Crowd
How are you going to find your way out?
Proud of the color of your skin though it's something that you had no say in.

It stinks.
You stink.

You: Forget not me.
You want to live the good life and not die and so do we.

Withhold love to see how now, if you don't pass it around
it leaves you alone in this crowd.

How are you going to find your way out
now that we've the finger to point you out?
Track Name: Chivalry
A hat to tip or a door to hold.
A seat to give or a coat to loan.
A lift button or a late lift home.

With all speed, drop that handkerchief for me.

Maidenly ladies, please.
Supplicant salaam vanward thee.
Sapphic woe efface pro tempore.
Your favour maiden ladies, please.

I'm so charmed.
I'm so sure.

Lo, and make haste!
So valiantly pursued, I'll not be chaste.

Will chivalry bring you to me?
Track Name: Phone Slave
What happened that day? The din shaking me quotidian in my brain made division.
Was it the radio or was it the phone? Well anyhow, it's rubble now.
Used to live that way, where beck and call is your name.
"Drop what you're doing" say the bells that ring.

En route you sing,
"Now I'm on Fifth Street coming from midtown. Now I'm coming from West Main down Third Avenue."

Ambulate, motor, everybody's on the phone.
People talking so loud that they forget they have neighbors and they're not alone.

Crazy, all of us. Everybody's on the phone. Everybody's talking loud.
People are scared, and who has time to be alone?

I won't be that way.
I won't be your phone slave.
Maybe your love slave. Consider it.
I won't conversate while on me you wait.
Respect for ministration,
I won't give in to that toy so thin.
I won't give in to a craze. It's sin.

And I want to put a stop to it. But how?
Here's how:

On the bus everybody's on the phone. My little black box will stop them. Push the button when
deference does not show. Push the little red button and cease their yammering, they'll take the tacit home.

Though I'm put away from the light of day, It's quiet and I can't complain.
Track Name: A Mighty Long Crawl
It's a long long way to the border town they say.
It's a long long crawl from your house to the wall.

When alone you've ridden and there's nothing. No more.
You weren't blessed with the presence of humanity.
Somewhere it is written "give the thirsty water to drink," but you didn't.
No you did not. You turned the other cheek. You turned away.

Onward the desert burns. No relief, no company, no secrets unlearned.

I went to the land of the free. Tell me, what do you know? They shot at me.
Track Name: Saints Be Praised
Saints be praised if true heart is alive.
I'm calling to the houses on the hill,
what have you done for the cause?

Sickening and obvious where affluence mocks neediness.
We toil and spend wages hard made to bring the wealth they hoard away.
The wail of a billion destitute is the sound that real people hear.
It goes:

It's the way of the world today.
Track Name: Cascade
Hi. Meet me. I might forget your name.
You see, I'm only here half the time lately.

In my dreams you're all I see. Falling through caves of infinity.
It's where I belong and where I will be, be it high above earth or under the sea.

Zut alors! You're so dreamy.

Daydreams and night dreams.
Track Name: Adios Horas
ĄAdios horas!

"Que es es que" ella dice.
ĄQue bonita! Por ahora y siempre.